Natali Vineyards Wine Price List

Wines are produced and bottled in Cape May County, NJ


Goshen, Trebbiano grape with good acid balance and a nose of dried flowers. Goshen goes well with shellfish and the seashore. We may see more plantings of this variety in other Cape May vineyards. $14.00
Moscato Sweet, This Moscato clone has the smell of orange peels and the taste of over ripe melons. The 2013 vintage is made in a slightly sweet style and we won a silver medal with this wine in the NJ Governor's Cup. Don't be surprised to see other Cape May wineries growing this grapevine. SOLD bottling April 2015. $16.00
Blueberry, Our blueberries are grown in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. The distinctive aroma of blueberries is in your nose and on your tongue. The wine is clear and bright; the sweetness and tartness are nicely balanced. $22.00
Court House Blush, Our Trebbiano grape tinted with syrah and slightly sweetened in a fruity sangria style wine. We named this wine after our home town Cape May Court House which is where our county courts are located. SOLD OUT but new release coming soon. $16.00
Chardonnay, Our 2013 vintage is now on sale. It is clean and bright with supple soft smell of ripe sweet melons. Put your nose in this wine and and you can also detect a cornucopia of passion fruit from mangoes to pineapples. Yet this wine is crisp and bold and will stand up well with any fish. This variety does well in the vineyards of Cape May County. $18.00
Pinot Grigio, This cold hardy vine does well in the alpine valleys of France and Italy but also along the Atlantic Seaboard. The resulting wine is light and delicate yet contains bold acids like a green apple. Delicious with chicken and other fowl dishes. $16.00
Sauvignon Blanc, Just bottled the 2013 vintage which has a light golden color with the smell of ripe mangoes and a floral bouquet. A refreshing drink at day's end. Goes great with shell fish and New Jersey Beaches. $19.00
Meadow's Edge - Nonno's Cellar, Made from a blend of three grapes from New World vines. Your Grandpop (Nonno) might have made his wine this way from similar grapes during Prohibition when home wine-making was still legal. But unlike "Nonno" we use the best cultured yeast science can provide. This is a "strong" wine with a lasting finish. We bottled 82 cases on Nov 10, 2014. $20.00
Cedar Hammock, Blend of our 2010 and 2012 Cabernet Franc vintages. Loads of jammy fruit and enough soft tannins from the tight grained wood barrel to make your mouth pucker. Try it with prime ribs. Twenty cases were bottled on Sept.2nd, 2014. This wine has been named after the colonial village in Cape May County where the winery is located. SOLD OUT $24.00
Merlot, This variety grows best in our sandy soils and maritime climate. The nose of this wine makes you think of raspberries and strawberries. The acids are crisp yet the tannins are soft. Leaves a lingering finish in your mouth. We bottled 22 cases from the 2013 vintage from a single barrel on Jan. 13, 2015. This is going into competitions. $18.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, The wine is youthful yet the nose takes in black ripe currants while the mouth puckers with tannins in anticipation of prime ribs. The most recent vintage has been aged in new oak which contributes to a full body and spicy mouth feel. $24.00
Viognier, This award winning French varietal has a fragrant and aromatic nose of apricots and honeysuckle. We are proud to showcase this varietal as emblamatic of Cape May Wineries. $22.00
Beach Plum Wine, A sweet yet refreshingly tart dessert wine from Beach Plum trees that grow in the wild of the sandy beaches along the New Jersey coast. This delicious fruit wine will not disappoint you. Its nutty taste wants to be paired with milk chocolate. This year's harvest yielded ripe fruit and good weight. SOLD OUT but 2014 release is first week of December. The County Board of Freeholders selected the Beach Plum as the fruit tree of Cape May County. $22.00
Dolcetto, This is a young, fruity and delicate wine with a hint of black olives in the background. Dolcetto (means "little sweet thing" in Italian) is grown in the maritime alps of northwest Italy and has been successfully transplanted in the soil of Cape May. This wine won silver medals in both the Atlantic Seaboard and Finger Lakes Competition in 2013. $26.00
Shiraz, 2010 Shiraz is in! Deep crimson color suggesting dark cherries. Thus is a pungent and spicy wine that we expect will age well. The 2011 and 2012 vintages were lost to storms and hurricanes. This is all we will have for a long time. SOLD OUT ! $32.00
Plum Wine, This is a sweet wine made from New York state plum juice from orchards grown along Lake Erie. It smells of prunes and raisins but it sure tastes like very ripe plums. SOLD OUT $20.00
Strawberry, It has the deep aroma of strawberries with a hint of honeynut. Although this delicious wine sold out by the end of March, we recently bottled the 2012 crop harvested in early June 2012. This crop came from the southern most point of Cape May County. $24.00
Cherry Wine, Our Cherry Wine is sweet but light and refreshing. It comes from ripe dark cherries that grow in California orchards. It is cold fermented in the late fall to retain the crisp flavors and mild acids of this delicious fruit. SOLD OUT $20.00
Banana, Our banana wine is a true dessert wine with 15.9% alcohol by volume and 6% residual sugar. It has the aroma of ripe bananas in the foreground and the bouquet of honeynuts in the background with notes of dried figs. This wine will compete in your palate with any dessert from Creme Brule' to Key Lime Pie. $24.00
Peach Wine, In the mid-Atlantic states peaches are harvested in August. The peaches are de-pitted, crushed and fermented. We allow them to age in stainless steel as the pectins settle yet the peach aroma is preserved. This wine is made from 100% peaches: no artificial flavors or colorings. This wine is nearly 14% alcohol by volume and well stocked. $22.00
Tempranillo, Tempranillo is Spain's noble grape grown in the Rioja district. The clusters are large with black berries and it ripens early. This full body ruby red wine ages well in oak barrels and produces a bouquet of dark sweet cherries and plums with a hint of tanned leather and tobacco. SOLD OUT $26.00
Nebbiolo, Do not be fooled by this light red wine from the Piedmont region of Italy where it is known as Barolo. This is the 2012 vintage which came from a wet year featuring hurricane Sandy. Nonetheless it has spent two full years aging a barrel and emerges with a smooth silky finish. On the nose it has the scent of violets and oaken casks with a hint of licorice. This wine should age well in your cellar. Production is 25 cases. This vintage won 3 silver medals in various competitions in 2014. $35.00
Captain Vinho, This is a port wine made in a sweet dessert style from a single vintage of syrah grapes. This wine was allowed to mellow for 3 years in stainless and spent the final 2 months in a whiskey barrel that imparted some nutty flavors with a background of raisin-like fruit. Try it with creme brule', rice pudding, or any fruit pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; or, try blending it with our Blackberry wine. Check out our new style bottle and colorful "pirate" label where "X" marks Natali Vineyards. $30.00
Nonna's Cucina Wine, This is our first effort to make a semi-dry white wine. It contains more than 1% residual sugar which provides a soft and silky finish. This is the type of wine you would find in Grandmom's kitchen at the turn of the 20th century and hence the name Nonna's Cucina Wine. Take note of its tropical nose as you savor this wine (think pineapples and mangoes). You can serve this wine chilled with any light fare, but we like it best with a cobb or salad nicoise. $20.00
Vineyard Tour, Make an appointment for a vineyard tour and a visit to our cellar where the wines are made. All the grapes are picked by hand and all the wines are made in small batches and bottled with fillers and corkers as it has been done for centuries. Production is limited to 2000 cases. Tours are subject to availability of staff so it is wise to make an appointment. $10.00
Pineapple, We purchase, cut, core and crush whole pineapples, add sugar and natural juice and ferment the resulting mash. What started as a home-makers experiment has become a big hit at our south Jersey winery. If you like the nose and taste of this tropical fruit, you must try our pineapple wine. Current bottling made in a high alcohol style (16%) to keep this wine as clear and stable as possible. SOLD OUT. $24.00
Blackberry, Blackberry is our newest wine having bottled about 30 cases just before Thanksgiving. Like the strawberries this fruit comes from the farmlands between Cape May Point and the Delaware Canal. This fruit has a deep aroma of cassis and blackberry jam with an overlay of creamy butter. Try this with blueberry (or pick your favorite) pie with a topping of whip cream. SOLD OUT $26.00
Cranberry, If you like cranberries, you have to try this wine. Taken from the bogs of the Mullica River, these cranberries were dry harvested to preserve their natural flavors. They were fermented fresh and whole on their skins. We have found a yeast that stops and stabilizes the alcohol at about 7% thus making it a light and refreshing wine for summer, but also a zestful complement for any turkey dinner with cranberry glazes and stuffing. $20.00
Raspberry Fusion, If you like the smell and taste raspberry jams and jellies, you must try our raspberry fusion wine. This wine is a blend of merlot grapes with raspberries. The result is a bowl of red berries with a whisk of candied flavors from the sugar concentrates. Try it as a Holiday Gift or to share with friends over conversation and finger foods. $26.00
Souvenir Glass, We now sell a stemless wine glass with the ancient crest of the Natali family. The reference for this family shield can be found in Giovanni di Crollalanza's Dizionario Storico-Blasonico first published in Pisa in 1888. This new 10 oz. glass will be a nice addition to your wine stemware. $3.00
Cheese and Fruit Tray, Take a seat at a table in our new patio area overlooking the vineyard only a few yards away. Admire the gentle slope of the trellis as the vine rows disappear into the distant salt marsh that empties into the Delaware Bay. Order a glass of our local red or white wine with a dessert tray of your favorite cheese, fruit and crackers. What a way to enjoy the sunset over the vineyard. $15.00
Tasting, We call it "5 for 5" or five tastings for $5.00. You can sample more for an additional $1.00 each but most of our visitors find something that please them in the first five. We have reds that are dry or sweet; we have whites that are dry or sweet; our fruit wines are all balanced between sweet and tart. No pancake syrup is made here. $5.00
Mead Wine, This is our first effort at making wine from New Jersey honey. The bees did all the work and we let mother nature take its course by adding yeast. The result is a wonderful carmelized wine flavor with a whiskey barrel nose. We only made 8 cases, let's see if you like it. $26.00

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