Natali Vineyards

About Natali Vineyards

Alfred Natali is the winemaker, viticulturalist and founder of Natali Vineyards.  Before becoming a winemaker, Al taught European History at the City University of New York and then worked on Wall Street as a network engineer.  He retired from his “day job” in 2000 and began taking courses in viticulture and wine chemistry at UC Davis in California and Cornell University at Geneva Station in New York.  He purchased a 22 acre horse farm in 2000 and planted the first vines the following year.  To date, Al has planted about 7,000 vines consisting of 15 different varieties.  In a good year the vineyard will produce about 20 tons of fruit.

All of the winemaking practices and methods at Natali Vineyards might be described as “Old World”, meaning the canopy is managed by hand, harvest is by hand and the bottling is done by hand, one bottle at a time.  At Natali Vineyards, we like to say “the wine is made in the vineyard”, which means the wine is good if the grapes are good! So the emphasis is to grow high quality grapes of high quality varieties.  It also means we keep the winemaking in small batches where control is much easier to maintain.  For us winemaking is more like the artisanal crafts of the Old World where everything is done by hand, where there is a single hand guiding the process from planting to bottling and where pride and ownership is taken in each bottle produced.

At Natali Vineyards you will find a wine for every taste!  In all, we have over 28 wines, red white, dry, sweet & fruit.  Stop by and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through a tasting of some of the best wines around!

On June 4th 2021 Richard Caplan of Pennsylvania purchased Natali Vineyards.

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